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Frenectomies in Walton Park

Lip & Tongue Tie at OCPD

If you live in the Walton Park, NY, area and have concerns about lip or tongue ties, the Lip & Tongue Tie team at OCPD is ready to help.

About Lip and Tongue Tie

Connective tissue bands called frenulums are found throughout the body. When a child has a lip or tongue tie, one or both oral frenulums are too tight. There are two oral frenulums: one connecting the lips to the gums and another connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

A lip or tongue tie may seem like a cosmetic problem, but it can have far-reaching consequences. If left alone, it can cause the following issues:

  • Infant feeding difficulties
  • Tooth alignment issues
  • Colic, reflux, and other digestive disorders
  • Speech delays

Frenectomies at Lip & Tongue Tie at OCPD

A frenectomy is a quick, simple outpatient procedure that releases the frenulum from the lip or tongue. Our doctors use a medical laser to perform the procedure. Laser treatment minimizes bleeding and discomfort.

Why Choose Lip & Tongue Tie at OCPD?

We are pediatric dentists with extensive experience correcting lip and tongue ties. We understand your concern for your child's well-being and want to make the procedure as safe, simple, and straightforward as possible.

Our child-friendly office welcomes patients of all ages. Our team does everything possible to help them and their parents feel at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lip & Tongue Tie

Can a lip or tongue tie cause breastfeeding issues?
Both lip and tongue ties can make breastfeeding difficult. Babies may swallow too much air, leading to digestive issues. Babies may develop reflux or colic. They may fall asleep while feeding. Lip and tongue ties also cause chafed or cracked nipples, making breastfeeding painful.
Does every lip or tongue tie need a frenectomy?
Before considering a frenectomy, meet with lactation consultants, speech therapists, and other professionals to determine whether the procedure is necessary. Some patients do not necessarily need the surgery.
How old does a baby need to be to receive a frenectomy?
If the lip or tongue tie causes problems, we can treat it within the first weeks of the child's life.
Will insurance cover my child's frenectomy?
Many medical and dental insurers cover this essential procedure. Call your insurer to determine your coverage. Our office team can help you manage insurance coverage.
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