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Common Symptoms

A tongue tie can often present with symptoms related to difficulty with nursing.
Limited mobility of tongue can impair formation of a good latch or seal to draw the milk out.

Orange County Lip and Tongue Tie

A tight upper lip frenum can cause a tense upper lip during nursing.
This can result in a shallow latch. It can also trap milk/food in the front teeth possibly leading to dental decay.

Common Symptoms during Infancy

tongue tie and lip tie photo

Baby's Symptoms

Poor latch

Poor weight gain

Clicking/smacking sounds while nursing

Reflux or colic Excessive hiccups (hiccups may begin in utero)

Excessive air intake due to inadequate seal - gagging or gassiness

Gumming or chewing of the nipple

Extended feeding times/falling asleep at the breast

Unable to take a pacifier or bottle

Mother's Symptoms

Pain and discomfort while nursing

Bleeding, abraded or cut nipples

Compromised milk supply

Plugged ducts/mastitis

Nursing frequently or for long periods of time

Creased or flattened nipples

mother nursing

Common Symptoms in Children and Adolescents

child with baby drinking

Slow or picky eating


Restless sleep (waking up tired)

Waking from sleep easily

Speech delay

Difficulty with certain sounds

Struggling to be understood

Grinding teeth

Bed wetting

Sleeping with mouth open


Strong gag reflex

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