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About Frenectomies

Frenectomy is an in-office procedure designed to correct a congenital condition of tight lip or tonque frenum, commonly known as a "tongue-tie," that results in the restriction of function.

Orange County Lip and Tongue Tie

We recommend working together with lactation consultants, myofunctional therapists, speech therapists and bodv work therapists to maximize your child's best results.

Not all tethered tissue need to be addressed - only when symptoms are present do we typically recommend treatment.

The Procedure

parents with baby

Our number one priority is the ensure the safety of the patient during the tongue tie or lip tie procedure. It is common for babies to cry during and after the procedure. Babies typically lose only a small amount of blood, if any at all.

Due to laser safety regulations, parents are not allowed in the treatment rooms during the procedure. The approximate time away from you is about 5 minutes and the actual laser time is about 15 - 30 seconds. There is a follow up appointment 1 week and 3 weeks post-procedure where we will review stretching techniques and evaluate healing.


During the recovery phase we are most concerned with site reattachment. Lip and tongue stretches are integral to reduce the risk of tissue reattachment. Inadequate stretching can reduce procedural effectiveness. Our staff will be demonstrating the stretches to you after the procedure. There may be discomfort for 1-5 days after the procedure. We highly encourage you to approach these exercises as a vital part of the healing process.

Printable Frenectomy Post-Operative Instructions
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